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Nigeria or Abroad.

Eliminate uncertainties about your admission into the university and earn graduate-level income while you are a student.

If you are Short on Time, Here are the Highlights:

- The programme is meant for university aspirants desiring to study abroad or seeking opportunity to secure admission into a federal university in Nigeria for a professional course such as Medicine, Engineering, Law, Management, Communication and Computer Science.

- Training begins on Saturday, June 12.

- You will sit for America's Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) in August 2021 if you come in as a full time student or October 2021 if you join the part time class which holds on Saturdays for SS1-SS3 students who are currently in full time studies in a secondary school.

- Result will be released two weeks after your SAT date.

- You will be trained for a high score in SAT at 98 Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos to give you access to excellent university education in the USA at a cost your family can afford.

- Bright SS1-3 students, teenagers who have completed secondary school or are currently in the university in Nigeria are welcome.

- Dr Peter Ogudoro who holds a PhD in Education from University of Reading, UK, Dr Taiwo Conde with a PhD in English Language from Anglia Ruskin University, UK and Engineer Segun Ogunkalu with postgraduate credentials from University of Lagos are the tutors.

- Full time and weekends-only classes are available.

- Cambridge GCE A' Level classes begin on November 1 and will run for six months. Candidates for this class are young people who desire to reduce the cost implications of their university education abroad or in Nigeria by earning a credential that will reduce the duration of their programme by one year. This is highly recommended for post JAMB UTME candidates who have lost a year as a result of ASUU strike. They will study the three most relevant subjects to the courses they want to study in the university. A candidate who desires to study Medicine, will for example, study Biology, Chemistry, and Physics while a candidate for Engineering will study Maths, Physics and Chemistry.

- Families pay the fees they can afford. The balance of the bill is picked up from a scholarship fund.

- Students should have a good foundation in English Language and Maths to be accepted.

- Call Dr Peter Ogudoro on 09069603692 to join the class.

Programme Details:

Sit for America’s Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) to enable you study abroad at a cost your family can afford. The rich with privileged information about the ongoing registration for SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) which guarantees access to universities in the USA are spending millions of naira to ensure their teenage children enter for the test, so they don’t lose time. Some Nigerians who care for the underprivileged now want ordinary people to know that they can access the same opportunity at a cost they can afford so they can improve the quality of life available to their family members.

Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) conducted by the American College Board is the gateway to universities in the USA. Doing well in the test enables you to get into the university of your choice and obtain scholarships that will guarantee you smooth ride to your bachelor’s degree. It is a one-day exam written all over the world by young people desiring to benefit from the high-quality university education the USA offers. Most students in the USA work while studying and many get opportunities to spend one semester or a year in another country for improved exposure and network to enhance their career chances.

Opportunity now exists for young people who can meet the minimum requirement for joining the class to prepare for the August or October 2021 SAT. SS1- SS3, and recently graduated high school students in Nigeria can compete for the available spaces in the class.

The bright candidates who are accepted for this programme will escape the uncertainties associated with university education administration in Nigeria. At the best of times, the quality of university education in the country has remained below international standard with unemployment and underemployment as well as poor remuneration afflicting the products of the system. University education in Nigeria does not deliver what it promises students which is why parents who are committed to a great future for their children give them access to higher education in the USA so they can maximize their potentials. The details of the SAT route to university education have been provided here in the spirit of public service.

Senior School Certificate Won’t Guarantee University Space

Passing WASSCE won’t guarantee you university admission. Only 1 out of every 10 JAMB UTME candidates will secure admission into the course and university they want and the few who manage to get in won’t receive globally competitive education. Candidates who passed JAMB UTME last year have not done up to 20% of their first-year course work in most Nigerian universities as a result of ASUU strike and coronavirus-lockdown. As a result of the poor quality of the education Nigerian universities currently offer, most people graduating from Nigerian universities within the next 20 years won’t be able to feed themselves not to talk about taking care of their parents when they have lost the capacity to earn income. High population growth rate in the country which adds about 5 million children to the country’s population every year and the unproductive nature of Nigeria’s economy will worsen the country’s graduate unemployment situation, but you can choose a path that insures you against this unfavourable situation.

  • Passing which diligent study will help you to achieve will guarantee you university admission into a university in the USA and good job both during and after your university studies.

  • The professional Public Relations and Career Management training that will accompany your SAT preparation will give you the credentials and skills you need to earn graduate-level income while you are a student in the university.

  • This way, you can assist your family financially rather than be a burden on them.

Life is harder in Nigeria today than most families envisaged.

  • Young people in other parts of the world who you will compete with at the global stage are carrying on with their studies and preparing for a highly demanding global economy.

  • The lack of favourable conditions in Nigeria leave young people in a state of confusion despite their legitimate aspirations to use their gifts well.

  • Teenage depression has become a major problem in the country as a result of this lack of opportunity and uncertain future. Parents struggle all their life, hoping that their children will find opportunities to liberate them out of financial insecurity only to have their hopes dashed by retrogressive public policies and selfish actions of Nigeria’s political elite.

  • Most people who graduated from Nigerian universities in the last five years still live with their parents and collect money from them regularly to move around in search of jobs that do not exist. The situation will get worse because of high population growth rate in the country and the recklessness of many people holding critical political positions in the country.

Adequate preparation for the August or October 2021 SAT will guarantee you admission into a USA university and well-paying jobs during and after your undergraduate studies which you can do at a cost your family can afford.

Professional management of your SAT and university admission process by highly skilled and internationally exposed and certified career managers guarantees this. A formidable team has been assembled to help you pass SAT with ease. Two PhD holders ((in English Language and Education/Career Management respectively) from the UK assisted by an outstanding Chemical Engineer are running the class. The team is led by the Programme Director of SMARTCAREERS, Dr Peter Ogudoro who is an alumnus of the University of Reading in the UK. He has over three decades of experience in helping young people and their families to achieve their career dreams. He is in Nigeria now to ensure that young and bright Nigerians from low-income families have access to this opportunity. He prepared for this role in over 10 research-intensive institutions around the world including Henley Business School, England, Cambridge University, National University of Science & Technology, Norway, JustEd, Finland, Johannes Kepler University, Austria and Austria’s Centre for Innovation in the country’s School System. He is the Chairman of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations Lagos Chapter Committee for Education and Training, Vice President of Afrima Foundation, Faculty member of Business Education Examinations Council, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria and holder of relevant professional certifications from around the world. His PhD studies which attracted over N100Million worth of sponsorships from European countries and institutions focused on democratization of access to high quality higher education for young people in the developing world.

He is a consultant to universities, schools and NGOs around the world. A significant fraction of the funding that has made it possible for this unique opportunity to be made available to young people in Nigeria has come from beneficiaries of the over three decades of educational advocacy and opportunities he has made possible for many Nigerians who now work in Europe and the USA as physicians and accomplished professionals in several other fields. Dr. Peter Ogudoro is the Convener of Nigerian Teachers Group (at www.facebook.com/groups/nigerianteachers) which is the largest gathering of Nigerian teachers in one place for continuous professional development which he moderates. The group has about 100, 000 members. He is a leading voice globally on issues bordering on Education and Career Management.

All the subject teachers involved in delivering this SAT/PR programme hold postgraduate credentials in the subjects they teach and have been specially trained to apply the teaching techniques Dr. Peter Ogudoro developed via research at Universities of Reading, Cambridge, and Sheffield as well as Austria's Centre for Innovation in Education. The techniques reduce learning time by over 70% and guarantee easy recall of what has been taught for excellent performance in examinations and job settings.

The features and benefits of this unique programme include:


  • The training involves intensive in-person classes and personalized career grooming.

  • Over 90% scholarship for the SAT preparation.

  • Rich curriculum.

  • You will study in the USA.

  • You will sit for your SAT in August or October 2021 and use your result to secure admission into a university in the USA for excellent higher education.

  • One day exam (on a Saturday).

  • Studious classmates (people without focus are screened out).

  • Career Management service available in no other place in Nigeria since secondary schools in the country lack the manpower and funds for it. You will have free access to it in this programme because it is largely sponsored.

  • Elite faculty including two PhD holders in Education and English Language respectively from the UK.

  • The teaching methodology is evidence-based and works well for both highflyers and students who have been of average performance before now.

  • Benefits

  • Fast and convenient.

  • Beneficiaries will be employable with high income earning capacity.

  • Largely sponsored to help parents give their children excellent education at a cost they can afford.

  • Gives you analytical mind and professional orientation which Nigeria’s secondary school curriculum does not provide.

  • USA offers the best university education available in the world today and provides you an environment to utilize your gifts maximally.

  • You will remove uncertainty and won’t lose time

  • Convenient, no stress.

  • Rich network of future global leaders which programmes you for sustainable outstanding achievements.

  • Prepares you for employment and success in life, offering you more than academic credentials for global competitiveness.

  • Best in class education, giving you the passport to actualize your dreams and take good care of your parents and other family members.


Course Content

  1. SAT/ACT, and IELTS/TOEFL curriculum

  2. Pre-university training to be ready for successful university education and work abroad

  3. Completion of SAT/ACT/TOEFL/IELTS forms

  4. Completion of university abroad application forms and writing of relevant essays

  5. Completion of scholarship forms and essays

  6. One-on-one career management sessions for you.

Who Can Benefit from the Programme?

  1. SS1-SS3 students with minimum of 70% GPA

  2. High school students in Nigeria desiring to make up for time lost as a result of coronavirus lockdown

  3. Candidates waiting to write post JAMB UTME exams

  4. Undergraduates in Nigerian universities wishing to switch to universities in the USA

  5. Work-Abroad aspirants and graduates aspiring to secure admission into postgraduate programmes in Europe and America

  6. Students wishing to earn distinctions in their WASSCE for professional courses in the university such as Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Engineering, Computer Science, Law, Accountancy, Psychology, Communication and Business Administration

  7. Undergraduates wishing to obtain Professional Diploma in Public Relations for employment in choice companies or for private consultancy practice

How the Programme Will Work for You?

You will be specially prepared for the August or October 2021 SAT to guarantee a healthy score that will get you into a university in the USA at a cost your family can afford so you guarantee good quality life for yourself and your family and remove uncertainties from your life. Your training will include Employability Grooming which will guarantee that you earn good income while in the university and enable you to acquire the skills for academic excellence, so you are able to finish well academically.

The programme is worth over N3Million, but you will pay a fee that is less than 25% of that. Over 75% of the fee for your SAT preparation has been taken care of by the Programme Director and past beneficiaries of the programme who are doing well globally and feel obligated to give back to society through this platform.

Your Training Fee

The available scholarship covers two applicants from each of the states of the Nigerian Federation. You are to pay only N750,000 (if paid fully before the programme starts). You can choose to pay your fee in three equal instalments of N250,000 each if you can’t afford the full fee before the training begins. We will do our best to accommodate every outstanding applicant for the programme no matter the financial circumstances of the parents. Call Dr Peter Ogudoro on 09069603692 if your family's current financial circumstances would not permit you to pay this subsidized fee so you can be considered for the very low fee meant for low income families that are sending two or more teenagers to the class. Call +2349069603692 if you are coming in through a donor's route which provides further financial assistance. This further financial assistance route is available only to candidates who come from very financially constrained families. Ask for it if you believe that your family circumstances qualify you for this route. This window closes on June 12, 2021 but call 09069603692 if for no fault of yours you could not get to us before this date. Also call that number if your financial circumstance is very constrained because of a social disadvantage.

Students seeking to benefit from the programme with effect from June 12, 2021 when we would have exhausted the scholarship fund will pay the regular fee for the programme which is several times more than the current fee.

The fee for A' Level class is discussed with the parents of the student only after we have accepted the candidate. Admission into that class is very competitive because we accept only individuals who are self-motivated and have the discipline to invest their time in the intensive training for the exam. Money will, generally, not stop any teenager we have accepted from doing the programme. We permit parents to pay fees that reflect their financial circumstances. Call the Programme Director (Dr. Peter Ogudoro) on +2349069603692 if this is the programme you want so you can be screened for it and the financial implications discussed with your parents.

Selection Screening

This will hold on at Chemical & Non-Metallic Products Employers’ Federation Training Halls, 98, Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos. The screening which is free will give you opportunity for free career management ideas (worth N120,000) by Dr. Peter Ogudoro who holds a PhD in Education and Career Management from the University of Reading in England. This session will guarantee that you make the right choice of course and get into a good university at your first attempt and graduate with excellent credentials and guaranteed job opportunity. That will separate you from your mates and guarantee you early success in life.


Not up to 1% of students finishing secondary school in Nigeria have access to this kind of service which educational institutions in the country lack the manpower to provide. This largely explains why most JAMB UTME candidates do not secure admission into the university for the courses they want and why most Nigerian university graduates remain either unemployed or underemployed for as long as five years after graduating from the university. Not more than 1 in 10 of the year 2021 JAMB UTME candidates will secure admission into the university for their choice of course. Even for young people who prefer to do their undergraduate programme in Nigeria, this free career advice and participation in the SAT class will guarantee them access into the course and university of their choice. Their Post JAMB UTME will be a walk-over. This should be of interest to candidates aspiring to study Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Engineering, Computer Science, Economics, Accountancy, Law, Business Administration and other professional courses where admission rate can be as low as 1% because of very limited spaces in Nigerian universities for such courses.

The gate to the venue for the screening will open at 9am and close at 3pm but each applicant needs a maximum of one hour for the test and interview and is at liberty to leave the venue for the test thereafter. Only parents and candidates who wear nose masks will be allowed into the test venue. Send your telephone number, email address, and name  to 09069603692 either as a text message or a WhatsApp message if you believe that you have the capacity to benefit from the programme so we can send you a formal invitation for screening which you should show the guards at the venue entrance so they can let you in. Only applicants who are accompanied by their parents (for verification of their claims) will be let into the venue for the screening. Call 09069603692 if you have any question.

Venue for Training

Chemical & Non-Metallic Products Employers’ Federation Training Halls, 98, Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos. This location is opposite MedPlus Pharmacy (neighbours to Jumia, the Online Marketplace). The nearest bus stop is Capital Oil (coming from Allen Avenue, Ikeja and going towards Ogba). The bus stop after this location is Vulcanizer. The venue can also be accessed via ACME Road (off Agidingbi Road, Ikeja).

Class Size

13 participants

Training Days & Time

Monday- Friday (9am- 4pm) or Weekends if you are still in secondary school (1- 5pm on Saturdays)

Critical Dates

Screening in company of parents                            Open till June 11, 2021

Class Start Date:                                                      June 12, 2021

SAT Registration Deadline                                       6 weeks before test date

SAT Exam Date:                                                       August (full time)  or October (part time) 2021

SAT Result Release Date:                                        Two weeks after SAT date


Call +2349069603692 immediately if you have any question on critical dates.


To Register

Complete the simple form here to secure your space. It takes only two minutes.  Call +2349069603692 if you have any question. 

This generous scholarship ends on June 12, 2021. Classes start on Saturday, June 12, 2021. Call +2349069603692 if you have missed any important date. We will be happy to assist if you have the intellectual capacity to benefit from the programme. We want to use the platform of the programme to raise an elite crop of scientists and administrators who will ignite the process of accelerated development for Nigeria.

Office for Inquiries


98 Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

Telephone +2349069603692 for fast track appointment.

Expression of interest

Express your interest in this unique opportunity here so that the Admissions Unit can start making provisions for you, but call within 24 hours of submitting the form (which takes only 2 minutes to complete) to confirm that there is still space for you and to get clearance for next steps.

for JS3 & SS1 students

JS3 and SS1 students wishing to finish school one year ahead of their mates and study in the USA or UK at a cost their parents can afford, should see helpful information here.

parents needing help on any aspects of their children's education

Please join the parents' group at www.facebook.com/groups/parentingwtouttears for any help. We will be happy to help.