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amazing success workshop


Beneficiaries will achieve the following among others:

1. Guaranteed scholarship for children's university education abroad.

2. Guaranteed access to graduate studies abroad on scholarship.

3. Guaranteed flourishing business that earns healthy income from a global market.

4. End to depression and feeling of inadequacy

5. An end to debt, and financial, and career worries.

6. Guaranteed life of significance.


Anyone who desires to achieve any of the above indicated objectives. Married people will get maximum results from the workshop if they attend with their spouses.


The workshop will run for three Sundays beginning from August 22. The other workshop days are August 29, and September 5. The workshop will start at 4pm and end at 7pm on each day.


Dr. Peter Ogudoro, alumnus Graduate Institute of International Development and Applied Economics, University of Reading, UK and over ten other research-intensive institutions in Britain, Norway, Austria, and Sweden. He earned his PhD in Education, Career Management and Idea Diffusion.


98 Adeniyi Jones Avenue (Capital Oil bus stop), Ikeja, Lagos.


Three Hundred thousand naira (N300, 000). Alumni of Professional Exams Clinic and Smartcareers will get 50% discount. Financially disadvantaged persons should call 09069603692 (Dr Peter Ogudoro) for special discount. Payment for the workshop should be made into First Bank of Nigeria account number 2001386194 in favour of Ogudoro Leadership Trainers and Management Consultants. Every determined participant will be assisted to benefit from the workshop. No one with the intellectual capacity to benefit from the workshop will be denied the opportunity to participate in it.


The simple and easy way to secure your space is to join the WhatsApp group at

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