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join a teachers' community for free

A community of teachers committed to using classrooms to transform lives now exists. Parents, teachers, school leaders, and education policy makers are welcome. The community has over three hundred  thousand members from around the world. It won the year 2021 Facebook Global Community Accelerator Award for outstanding engagement.

You will learn how to support both gifted children and those with special needs and get an opportunity to participate in the first ever Annual International Teachers Conference holding in Lagos, Nigeria from April 11-12, 2022 sponsored by Facebook. Education stakeholders will attend the conference from around the world.

-Day one of the conference is for school owners and leaders and attracts N87, 000 per participant.

-Day two is for subject and classroom teachers and attracts N63, 000 per participant.

To secure a seat for yourself and your teachers, pay into First Bank of Nigeria account number 2001386194 in favour of Ogudoro Leadership Trainers and Management Consultants. Send your payment details including 1. Name(s) of Nominee(s), 2. Name of School, 3. Day one or Day Two, 4. Telephone/WhatsApp number of Nominee(s), and Email Address of Nominee(s) to +2349069603692 (WhatsApp) or email to

Join the Nigerian Teachers community in less than a minute for free at

To secure a space at the conference for yourself and your colleagues, speak with the Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Dr Peter Ogudoro. He can be reached on telephone number +2349069603692. Also call that telephone number if you would like to use the platform of the event to promote your school or product/service. Join the teachers' community for free at

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