Peter Ogudoro, PhD

Dr Ogudoro’s career as an Educationist and Career Advisor has put smile on the faces of millions of people around the world. He has done education advocacy for about three decades, compelling government agencies to minister to the educational needs of the poor and disadvantaged. He is currently leading a global effort to democratize access to higher education in the developing world so that disadvantaged individuals can attain the knowledge and skill threshold that will enable them overcome financial insecurity and contribute optimally to the building of their communities.

He is an alumnus of the Institute of Education, University of Reading, England where he used the platform of his doctoral research to develop a career management system that enables people from economically disadvantaged families to acquire the skills they need to become the principal agents in their liberation from financial insecurity. He comes from a versatile background in terms of training and experience. At undergraduate level, he studied Guidance & Counselling and Political Science and received postgraduate education in Business Management, and Communication for Innovation and Development at ESUT Business School, Enugu, Nigeria, and Graduate Institute of International Development and Applied Economics of the University of Reading, United Kingdom respectively. He has professional certifications in diverse areas including Human Resources Management, Advertising, Public Relations, Marketing, Broadcasting, and Management and belongs to relevant professional groups around the world.

His work experience spans a period of about three decades solving Management problems in both the Public and Private sectors of both developing and advanced economies. He did part of his doctoral work in Norway, Sweden, and Austria and in about 12 of Europe’s research-intensive universities including university of Cambridge in England, Johannes Kepler University, Austria, and Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway. His commitment to helping disadvantaged individuals overcome obstacles to financial security has been acknowledged through a variety of awards.

Dr Peter Ogudoro is the Managing Consultant at Ogudoro Leadership Trainers & Management Consultants, the firm that manages development-oriented capacity building projects for governments, development agencies, and private sector organizations. The Nigerian Schools Enhancement Project, a Social Responsibility Project by the Lagos Chapter of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations is one of such projects. It is meant to lift millions of young people in Nigeria out of precarious economic circumstances and promote equity in education. He is the author of Success Mindset, and Right Thinking Right Actions, two best sellers available on Amazon Kindle. They can be accessed at

Call +2348023249654 if you would like to get further information on any of the development projects he is currently handling. One of such programmes is the one month intensive programme that enables students in Senior Secondary School and Post JAMB UTME Candidates earn all the credentials they need to study for free in American and European universities. Visit to secure a space on the programme. To benefit from the Management Trainee programme he is superintending to enable university and polytechnic graduates acquire employability skills and secure well-paying jobs, visit or call 08023249654.

For Management Trainee opportunity, visit

This opportunity is strictly for graduates of universities and polytechnics.

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Programme Director: Peter Ogudoro, PhD