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Public Relations training

for outstanding

Career & Business Success

Date and Duration: Monday, May 30 to Saturday, June 4 2022. Classes will start at 9am and end at 5pm. Call +2349069603692 if you have any questions. The Programme Director, Dr. Peter Ogudoro will personally attend to you. 

Course Objective: By the end of the course, beneficiaries will be able to set up and run
thriving Public Relations units and consultancies and manage their image and reputation excellently. Turnover could run into millions of dollars for talented and enterprising candidates who can become powerful influencers online and offline. Successful completion of the course will enable the beneficiaries to go through the Professional Public Relations certification examination successfully and obtain the requisite credential for professional practice. Beneficiaries of the programme will also be able to develop irresistible portfolios for acceptance into postgraduate and work/relocation programmes abroad. People running organizations such as schools that are currently experiencing challenges following the disruptions associated with covid-19 will acquire the tools for navigating their way out of such challenges and grow their establishments into international institutions, attract financially capable clients/parents, and double their revenue. Promising young university graduates will use the opportunity of the programme to acquire excellent employability skills which they will use to secure high income jobs while studying abroad.

Course Content:
I. Communication Psychology
II. Trends Monitoring and Analysis
III. Public Relations Theory and Practice
IV. Public Relations Policy, Planning and Strategy
V. Events Management including innovative and ground-breaking approaches to the
introduction and accelerated diffusion of new products
VI. Public Relations Ethics and Media Law
VII. Communication & Media Principles, Theories and Industry (covering Speech
Writing and Presentation as well as how to prepare various media tools such as Press
Release, Media Statement, Personality/Organization profile, and Rejoinder)
VIII. Professional Issues, Risk and Crisis Management
IX. Branding, Digital Marketing and Advertising
X. Self-Management for Global Competitiveness
XI. Public Relations System in Government, commercial and Non-Commercial Organizations
XII. Professional Etiquette and Business Grooming
XIII. Entrepreneurship, Networking and Social Capital Formation principles
XIV. Business set up tools and Life-Long learning

Faculty: Dr. Peter Ogudoro who holds a PhD in Education, Career Management, and Development Communication from the University of Reading, UK and an alumnus of Austria’s Centre for Innovation in Education will lead the faculty. See details of his profile at .

Who can Benefit? Everyone aspiring to become a professional Public Relations practitioner
with license to practice and individuals seeking guaranteed success in business of any kind. The course is highly recommended for leaders and potential leaders who desire to acquire the skills for self and business promotion in pursuit of phenomenal growth and global competitiveness. Teachers, school owners, lawyers, doctors, engineers, and professionals in other fields wishing to create flourishing business empires and social enterprises as well as political dynasties will find the course very rewarding. You need a minimum of HND to be accepted into the programme which will end with a professional examination. Those who pass the exam, will obtain professional license to practice Public Relations as Consultants, serving both local and international clients. The course usually takes two years to complete but this is a special fast track route meant for graduates of tertiary institutions. The successful completion of the programme amounts to adding another profession in high demand to one’s profile with positive implications for one’s financial security and acceptance into postgraduate (including PhD placement) programmes in Europe, USA and Canada. Self-motivated individuals who are more than 20 years old with lower academic credentials can be accepted into the programme. Undergraduates and university education aspirants who are competent users of English Language and who aspire to study and work abroad are also welcome to join the class.

Schools are advised to nominate members of their top management and loyal employees who are familiar with the internet environment and Microsoft Office skills for the programme so they can benefit maximally from the training. It is a very empowering programme which only competent staff with the right attitude to learning and a grateful heart should be nominated to attend. Schools with pupil/student population of up to 200 should send a minimum of two nominees for optimal results. Institutions with up to 500 pupils/students will get optimal results if they let a minimum of 3 of their loyal staff benefit from the training, but all nominating authorities should feel free to send the number of beneficiaries they believe will serve their best interests. Call Dr Peter Ogudoro on 09069603692 if you need advice on this.

Training Fee: N300,000 only if paid in full latest Friday, May 27, 2022. This covers cost of the training and the exam. Candidates making payment for the training thereafter will pay a 20% surcharge. The regular fee for the programme is N1.2Million. The fee has been made so low to ensure that you and as many other Nigerians as possible pick up the tools for financial comfort. This low fee which is a small fraction of the commercial value of the programme has been made possible by a scholarship fund sponsored by Dr Peter Ogudoro and his firm which is facilitating the programme as their direct contribution towards a dramatic improvement of the lot of disadvantaged individuals and other vulnerable groups including schools in Nigeria. It is their hope that you will give back to society as you benefit from the training and make progress in your career. People joining the class after May 30, 2022 will pay the regular fee for the programme which is N1.2Million. Call +2349069603692 if you have any question.

Course Venue: 98, Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos. This location is opposite MedPlus Pharmacy. It is the third building after GoodRich Shopping Mall (if you are coming from Ikeja/Allen Avenue). The nearest bus stop is Capital Oil (if you are coming from Allen Avenue or Ikeja under the bridge and going towards Ogba). The bus stop after this location is Vulcanizer.

Enrolment: To make payment and secure your space, click here

For Inquiries: Call +2349069603692.


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