SmartCareers is a Career Management organization that is using an innovative technology to give millions of disadvantaged people in the world access to high quality and affordable higher education. The organization is committed to the promotion of equity, fairness and justice in the global education industry. The work of the organization has been inspired by the breakthrough research on Access to Higher Education that was conducted in England by Dr Peter Ogudoro with the support of 12 research-intensive educational institutions in Europe. His research was motivated by the crisis in access to higher education in Nigeria, a country of about 200 million people with about 2 million young people graduating from high school annually. The majority of those young people are not able to access the kind of higher education they need to climb out of financial insecurity. The technology being deployed by SmartCareers is democratizing access to higher education in the effort to resolve the kind of crisis his research revealed. The technology will make University admission in Nigeria and around the world easy for parents and their children.

The efforts of the organization have been influenced largely by the recognition that access to high quality university education helps its beneficiaries to attain the threshold without which education is not able to help individuals climb out of financial insecurity. That threshold can easily be attained by most people if they benefit from a sophisticated Career Management service run by professionals in the field and supported with cutting-edge technology. SmartCareers is putting such technology in place to help especially young people from financially constrained families overcome the barrier of cost-intensive higher education which can drive them into more precarious states even if they access it. Government and international development organizations are being encouraged to adopt the system the organization has developed to produce the human capital requisite for helping economically disadvantaged people become agents of their own liberation.

The organization's current project is focusing on grooming gifted teenagers in senior secondary school for admission into Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge, Oxford, Yale and other Ivy League universities on scholarship. The grooming will enable them excel in SAT, ACT, IGCSE, Cambridge A' Level, TOEFL, and IELTS examinations and develop verifiable and credible portfolios that will facilitate their admission into such institutions. Call 08023249654 to join the class. To be accepted into the class, you should have a minimum grade point average of 65%. Professional career management service provided by a PhD holder in Education and Career Management is an integral part of the programme. The President of the organization, Dr Peter Ogudoro is the Director of the Employability Programme currently running at the School of Communication,  Lagos State University. The programme is a collaborative project of the School and the Lagos State Chapter of Nigerian Institute of Public Relations.

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17 Toyin Street, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

Programme Director: Peter Ogudoro, PhD