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Peter Ogudoro,PhD

Programme Director

We are delighted to welcome you to this learning centre. This is a unique educational and training institution devoted to using research evidence to develop a new crop of learners who are in the classroom because they are self-motivated and supported by their parents or guardians. The centre has been established to meet the needs of students who find the conventional school system uninspiring and time wasting. It is home to students who are interested in converting what they are learning in school into solutions to problems they see around them. They are students who want to make a positive difference in the communities they live in and find platforms that enable them to engage their peers around the world for joint projects that benefit humanity. The students here are independent learners who know the value of collaborative work and are happy to cooperate with people across the world to improve the quality of livelihoods in the communities they come from and promote global peace and prosperity. The selection process is highly competitive. We accept applicants not only because they have the intellectual capacity to cope with the pace of our academic work but also because they have the capacity to demonstrate exemplary leadership in pursuit of innovation that moves our world forward. Admission is strictly on merit. Parents pay only the fee they can afford and do not have to borrow money to keep their children here. We teach our students what they need to serve as change agents and deliver this in a record time, saving every student here at least one year. Our senior secondary school lasts only two years and our students earn distinctions in all the subjects they offer when they sit for public examinations conducted by local and international examination bodies. They transit into the university for professional courses with ease and are given the intellectual tools for earning money while studying in higher educational institutions. One of my major roles as Programme Director is to insist on a quality control mechanism that enables us to help every student take full advantage of the amazing opportunities we provide. I am a professional educationist with a PhD in Education obtained from the University of Reading in England and an alumnus of Austria’s Centre for Innovation in Education. I have been in the education industry for over three decades and bring my international exposure to bear on the work we do. My detailed profile is available here. If you are lucky to be selected to join our next class, I look forward to supporting you and your parents to earn the credentials and abilities you are interested in. Welcome to University Access Centre, a division of SMARTCAREERS.

Peter Ogudoro, PhD


  2. Our Vision

A world where every person with the intellectual capacity accesses top-quality university education stress-free.

   3. Our Mission

Provision of guaranteed, affordable and convenient access to top quality university education facilitated by joyful professional educators to intellectually capable people so their parents and other family members can find comfort and be proud of them.


  4. Type of Education

We offer a learner centred education that focuses on helping the learner acquire the knowledge, skills and values necessary for effective participation in the global economy. We help the learner acquire more than certificate. Our teachers scrupulously deliver all that our students need to earn distinctions in the examinations they sit for. This ensures that they secure admission into top universities both within and outside Nigeria. We support them with career management services that enable them to make appropriate career choices so that they find joy in learning and eventually pick up vocations that provide them opportunities to lead lives of significance. Students who take full advantage of our career management services which our Programme Director superintends end up securing scholarships for their university education. He is one of the world’s top experts in career management. Students who are accepted into our programme study with peers who support them with encouragement from management and teachers. We promote a healthy competition among our students but do so in a way that emphasizes the duty we owe one another in terms of mutual support. Our students learn the true meaning of teamwork which is indispensable for sustainable success in the world of work. Our students become balanced individuals when they graduate from here and can function responsibly anywhere in the world.


  5. The Benefits We Provide

  1. Guaranteed university admission within and outside Nigeria

  2. Access to scholarship

  3. Saving parents money

  4. Saving students time

  5. Professional guidance for career choice

  6. Membership of elite class

  7. International exposure

  8. Top quality education

  9. Global competitiveness

  10. Opportunity to enrol for one programme and get others free

   6. Type of Teachers

All our teachers have had postgraduate training and are very knowledgeable in the subjects they teach. They also have teaching credentials and have benefitted from our bespoke training on delivery of international curriculum. They are remunerated at a level that compensates them adequately for their efforts. Their take-home earning is more than double the average salary of teachers in Nigeria. They are empowered to teach in a way that recognizes the diverse gifts and peculiar circumstances of individual students in the class. They turn up for classes before their students and are available after classes to meet the individual needs of their students. Our quality control mechanism ensures that every teacher complies with professional ethics and delivers the volume and quality of work that guarantees the excellent results the centre is known for. Our Programme Director who has a PhD in Education shows up in classes without notice and discusses his observations with the teachers to ensure the efficient and effective delivery of lessons on a sustainable basis.


  7. The Courses we Focus on

The disciplines we prepare our students for are in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and BELC (Business, Economics, Law and Communication) bracket. When our students transit to university, they study courses such as Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Astrophysics, Biotechnology, various branches of Engineering, Law, Public Relations, Corporate Communication, Information Technology, Management Science, Film production, New Media, Philosophy, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and various branches of Economics and Mathematics. Our Career Management service ensures that our students make career choices themselves under professional guidance. This guarantees that our students excel in the university and eventually become thought leaders in their various fields.

Our students offer English Language and Mathematics. Those on the STEM route also offer Further Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology while those on the BELC route add Literature, Economics and Government. In exceptional circumstances, a student may offer a subject that is not on this list. Such decisions are taken in consultation with the parents/guardians of the student and under guidance provided by our Career Service. These provisions enable our students to complete their programmes in record time and with distinctions.

  8. Age Range of Students

To be accepted into our programme, a prospective student should be a minimum of 13 years old by August 1 of the year of enrolment. Applicants who are above 25 years are required to go through a special screening to be accepted. Such candidates may be put on accelerated professional certification programmes that will save them time.

  9. Gender of Students

We run a coeducational programme that accommodates both male and female students who are groomed to internalize mutual respect for the two genders.


  10. Part Time Students

Some of our students are in the regular school system but come to us at the weekends for intensive international examination preparations. Such students tend to be those holding leadership positions in their regular school. We support them with our excellent Career Service. Such students must be self-motivated and above average in academic ability and leadership potential. Our Career and Wellbeing Service can be accessed no matter the location of the client in the world. We use internet enabled platforms to serve clients in Europe and North America (USA and Canada). Young people in depression can access this service. The service is also available to adults who are worried about their mental health

  11. Duration of Programme

Students who join us immediately after their Junior secondary school programme spend two years to complete their programme thereby saving one year. The high-flyers among them are generally ready for their public examinations such as SSCE, SAT, JAMB UTME, and IGCSE after 18 months of consistent study with us. A student who joins us after completing SS1 in a regular school, spends only one year with us thereby saving one year. The strength of our programme is the time and money students and their parents save while also finishing with distinctions which the regular school system would not guarantee. Students who are under 16 years at the time they complete their programme are encouraged to enrol for GCE Advance Level programme while they are processing their university admission under the guidance of our Career Management Service. Our programme is flexible enough to accommodate the peculiar circumstances of some students and their parents. We are open to discuss such peculiar circumstances with parents and their children.

  12. Examinations our Studentssit for

Our students are programmed for universities in Europe and North America especially UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Norway, Finland and France. A few choose to do their undergraduate programmes in Nigeria or Ghana. At the completion of our rigorous training, our students sit for SAT, ACT, IGCSE, TOEFL, IELTS, JAMB UTME and SSCE (WAEC/NECO). Students sit for only the examinations that will enable them to gain the credentials necessary for admission into the universities (and countries) of their choice and which their parents can afford. They are not required to sit for all the examinations. Our career service provides guidance on this.

  13. School Hours

Our classes run 9am to 4pm during weekdays (Monday to Friday) except for Wednesdays which are lecture-free days. On Saturdays, we start lectures at 10am and close at 5pm. On Sundays, we start lectures at 1pm and close at 6pm. Timetables guide the delivery of lectures. Regular breaks are observed. The weekend lectures focus on SAT/ACT/IELTS preparation. Students who do not intend to sit for those examinations are not required to attend the weekend lectures. Candidates who are interested in only SAT/ACT exams do not need to attend the weekday lectures. Discuss with the Programme Director if you have a peculiar need.

  14. Personal Equipment

To benefit maximally from our programme, you need a smart phone, a laptop, notebooks (80 leaves), a Maths set, pens of diverse colours and internet access. The subject teachers make suggestions with respect to textbooks students need to complement what the teachers deliver in the classroom.

  15. Feeding

Students are responsible for their feeding so they can eat in line with their health needs, taste, and financial circumstances. You can buy food in the neighbourhood of the Centre or bring non smelly food to school. You are to eat your food during breaks.


  16. Minimum Entry Qualification

To be accepted into our programme, you need to prove that you are on a minimum of 65% GPA with credits in English Language and Mathematics in your latest academic report. We also need to be satisfied that you were of good conduct while you were in the school you are transferring from. You are to additionally, demonstrate leadership potential, respect for constituted authority and self-motivation. Your parents must attend an interview conducted by our admissions team and demonstrate that they are supportive of your studying here before you are accepted. No applicant is accepted without meeting this condition. We reserve the exclusive right to accept or not accept a candidate without given reason. A student is dismissed if at any time we discover that admission into our programme was secured based on false declaration or forged documents. We reserve the right to prosecute such an applicant/student. To study with us, visit our office or call us on +2348023249654 to get screened.

  17. School Wear

Our students do not wear uniforms. That is in recognition of the need to respect the individuality of our students who are gifted in diverse areas. Our position is informed by evidence which indicates that students whose individuality is respected by parents and the school system tend to achieve more than those who do not receive such respect. We recommend that you wear simple but smart clothes and avoid putting on dresses that attract unprofitable attention. Our centre is an academic environment where people are in a hurry to master the materials they need for outstanding performance in the examinations they have enrolled for.  You are not permitted to wear slippers of any kind within our school premises.

  18. Location

Classes hold at Chemical & Non-Metallic Products Employers’ Federation Training Halls, 98, Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos. This location is opposite MedPlus Pharmacy. The nearest bus stop is Capital Oil (coming from Allen Avenue, Ikeja and going towards Ogba). The bus stop after this location is Vulcanizer. Call +2349069603692 if you have any question on this.

  19. Code of Conduct

You will be required to commit to our code of conduct in writing before you can resume. The document contains simple rules that you will expect to be in operation in a civilized environment and are not difficult to observe by any student who is committed to outstanding success. Areas covered by the document include respect for our staff and fellow students, punctuality, responsible use of our infrastructure, finishing and delivering assignments in line with deadlines and avoiding indulgence in dishonesty and academic fraud. Violation of any item in our code of conduct could result in dismissal of a student. We run a transparent system and will act in line with evidence. Most of our students do not have difficulty complying with our code of conduct. A part of our code of conduct is meant for parents/guardians to commit to in writing before their wards are accepted into our programme.

  20. Start Date

Our next class will start on Monday, August 5, 2024 with an induction programme which all new students must attend. We envisage that students who resume on August 5, 2024 will be ready for SAT/ACT and TOEFL in October. Parents who can afford customized training for their children and have supporting infrastructure at home can speak with our Programme Director on +2349069603692 for details.

  21. Tuition Fee

Our fees reflect the needs and demands of the individual student but are significantly below the fee people would expect us to charge given the high quality of our training. It is our policy that we make a deliberate effort to accommodate diligent and talented teenagers in our programme no matter the economic status of their parents. The Centre is run as a social enterprise devoted to empowering young and talented individuals. Parents devoted to social causes are encouraged to make donations to the centre so we can accommodate the less privileged in the programmes we run. Since tuition fee won’t deny the applicant a place at this Centre, we discuss it only after the prospective student has met all other conditions for enrolment including the academic requirement. Call +2349069603692 if you have questions to ask on this issue.

  22. Indication of Interest

Complete the form below to indicate your interest in the programme and trust that we will contact you within a few days for next steps.

  23. Contact Information

Our registration office at 98 Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos is open as from 9am to 4pm on weekdays but call to book appointment so you can get priority attention on arrival. Walk-in visitors may wait in a queue during peak periods but those who visit on appointment are attended to at the time they are book for in the absence of unforeseen circumstances. Website:

Email: Telephone: +2349069603692 (7am- 7pm).


The information here may change to guarantee the best possible outcome for students. Please call +2349069603692 to confirm that the information you are interested in has not changed.

Thanks! Message sent.

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