Start Date: June 6, 2020

End Date:  June 28, 2020

Days:         Weekends

Venue:       University Access Centre, 17 Toyin Street, Ikeja, Lagos.

Lead Resource Person: Dr Peter Ogudoro who holds a PhD in Education with emphasis on Development Communication and Career Management.

Programme Type: This is a fast track class that offers a blended learning opportunity involving both online and physical classrooms. Beneficiaries will have access to about 400 other participants from within and outside Nigeria who are practising communication in diverse sectors of the global economy. You may wish to share the availability of this programme with your friends and colleagues.

Fee: N150, 000. 

Registration: Pay into First Bank of Nigeria account number 2001386194 in favour of Ogudoro Leadership Trainers and Management Consultants. Call 08023249654 after making payment to have your seat reserved or for any other inquiry.

Programme Content:

Areas the programme will cover include:

  1. Communication Psychology

  2. Trends Monitoring and Analysis

  3. Public Relations Theory and Practice

  4. Public Relations Policy, Planning and Strategy

  5. Events Management including innovative and ground-breaking approaches to the management of promotional programmes

  6. Public Relations Ethics and Media Law

  7. Communication & Media Principles, Theories and Industry (covering Speech Writing and Presentation as well as how to prepare various media tools such as Press Release, Media Statement, Personality/Organization's profile, and Rejoinder)

  8. Professional Issues and Crisis Management

  9. Branding, 21st Century Marketing and Advertising

  10. Self-Management for Global Competitiveness

  11. Public Relations System in Government, Commercial and Non-Commercial Organizations

  12. Professional Etiquette and Business Grooming

  13. Entrepreneurship, Networking and Social Capital Formation principles. Call 08023249654 if you have any question. The programme is also available in-plant for staff numbering a minimum of 20.

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17 Toyin Street, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

Programme Director: Peter Ogudoro, PhD